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In my post today I will be reflecting on my Professional Writing class that I have completed this month. I worked on a few types of professional writing skills and would like to share how this class helped me and my future business venture.

Business Proposals & Negative Messages

We all think that business proposals are a difficult thing to do. I can tell you that after taking this class business proposals are like a walk in the park. The Basic elements (The Formula) of a proposal is solving the problem and what plan of action you are willing to take to fix it. The next steps are staffing, a timeline for completion and lastly a budget. With some research and this simple formula, a business proposal is born and the next project is yours. With new ventures also comes denial of certain projects. A great example is a proposal to a company and the company saying "We are going to go with a different company" these are Negative Messages. Replying to these can be tedious sometimes but are needed so the company knows there is no harsh feelings. It's more or less a thank you letter for the opportunity that was given even though they went with a different offer.

How I plan to use this to benefit

As my education keeps growing, using these skills in other classes is beneficial. My next class is a Project Portfolio V which is all about the Business Proposal. The formula that was taught will help me develop a well polished proposal for the class assignment. In my career, business proposals are quite a normal thing, so why will this help me you ask? Not everyone knows how to write a specific proposal for events, bars and, venues. With this knowledge I can have proposals in writing and show my clients in detail why he or she should hire my company to solve their specific problem.

Represent yourself through writing

Writing in general is hard work, you don't want to come out so bold at times or arrogant. This class has taught me to be courteous when writing to others and when responding to negative messages. Businesses and people are attracted to a person who knows how to handle his or her words, mostly in a professional manner. The use of correct words aren't just needed in the business industry but in everyday life. Now when I write a post or a blog, I look back to check if my grammar is correct and am I connecting all the dots for my point to be solid.

Assignment to be proud of

When I started my Professional Writing class a gloomy dark cloud started to build over me. I say this because I have never been a good writer. This class has proven me wrong. Writing a proposal has been an eye opener of what I can really achieve. Also, replying to negative messages has helped me to gain confidence while receiving bad news and reciprocating that in a professional and positive way. Getting the courage to write back and learning how to write these replies have helped me to learn that it is a strong skill set that I have found within myself that I didn't know I could accomplish. I have never written a letter to a company or employer thanking them for not choosing me. I know it sounds bad but I get it, there is a future opportunity that may arise and they might need me in the future, so don't burn the bridge.

Concrete Skill

If I could give you one concrete skill that I have learned in this class it would be learn "The Formula" as I call it. The process that is needed to write a proposal or reply to a Negative Message is needed in a professional aspect and in everyday life. The reason for this skill is because it opens the doors for your career and personal lifestyle. For example there is a budget problem at work but management doesn't see it, so you write a professional proposal pinpointing the problem and what plan of action is needed. Once you have done all the research, figured out the details with staff needed, the timeline and budget to get the problem solved, this could be your next raise or new position. This is a skill to have in your pocket like an ace up your sleeve.

Writing Weakness

Everyone has a writing weakness, no one is perfect. The objective is to keep doing it so your writing is more effective. As I stated in my blog "a gloomy dark cloud" this has always been the feeling I get when I write. The reason for this is, it's hard for me to put thoughts into words. Also my grammar and spelling can be horrible at times and I can have moments when I just ramble on. This class has helped me process my thoughts into words and combine them to create a better me. Also, the use of technology helps a lot and without it, drafting and revision would take longer.


Having a skill that can help you create more revenue for your business is recommended. Writing will always be a skill needed in any job, but the skill to write professionally gives you that head start making you unique. Learn the the formula of writing a Proposal and Negative Messages so you can be prepared in any situation. Keep writing it will make you a better writer and help you grow.

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